This is about developing a ministry based upon giving back to my community.  I have lived a life full of blessings, which have all come from above.  Maya Angelou says “When you learn, teach, and when you get, give.”  This is a principle that I have literally decided to take to heart.  Our communities have needs that need to be met, and we have endless opportunities to help make a difference in the lives of others.  I can accomplish a few things by myself, but we can accomplish many things if we just work together.  Let’s make a difference in the lives of others, together!

My desire to help others was formed while playing collegiate football for the University of Southern Mississippi.  The things that matter the most in life were forged into my mind.  Everyone wants financial freedom and success in whatever they are doing, but what’s the point of gaining a wealth of material things and lacking character, integrity, and compassion.  I had some incredible teammates and friends who helped me to understand that a little sacrifice and hard work can take you a long way in life.  I achieved many individual awards playing collegiate football, but my greatest memories are simply being apart of teams that beat Alabama, Auburn, and FSU!  When the we matters more than the me, amazing things can be accomplished.

Our primary mission is a simple one.  It’s our sincerest desire to help improve the lives of people in our community.  God is the ultimate provider, but he continually blesses us to help those who may be a little less fortunate.  Our name is derived from the Greek word diakonos which means to hastily kick up a little dust and serve others.  We want to kick up some dust in our community and have a positive impact on others.    

What People are Saying!

Chafan was a great teammate and friend but more importantly a high character role model for our youth to emulate!

Green Bay Packer Great
Super Bowl XXXI Champion
NFL Hall of Fame 2016

Brett Favre

Chafan Marsh has always been a first class individual.  It brings me great pleasure to call him a teammate and friend, but most importantly a brother in Christ.

Former Teammate
Educator and Community Activist
Ordained Minister

Patrick Henderson

Many coaches claim “it’s all about the kids”.  Chafan exemplifies it as he left a successful financial career to lead and develop young men. 
Chafan will do an outstanding job motivating your group!

US Army Veteran
Former Coach
Minister and Elder

Chris Hendrix

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